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My Experience With Online Education
Online Education has been around for a several years and has been the target of many skeptics. Many skeptics feel that there is not enough interaction with the teachers and other students to make a virtual campus as educational as a traditional...
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Who's the guide, the Holy Spirit or us?


Many times, in the first Star Wars series, a "gold mine" for George Lucas, Obi-wan (the deceased Alec Guiness) says to Luke "trust your feelings", over & over again. Since we can be easily misled in our soul by satan & company, our feelings and emotions are the LAST thing we should trust, if ever! [Feelings & emotions were designed by God to come at the "END" of something to show us if we did the right thing or not, but NEVER "the caboose at the front of the train", so to speak, where feelings & emotions are our 'guide'.....the "engine", the H.S., of God's leading goes there, as any train-man will tell you. An "instinct" for something is better, but we should trust only the new spirit-nature indwelled by the Holy Spirit and soaked by His word from scripture! [We are not vulnerable to the enemy ONLY in our H.S. indwelled-spirit; our "soul", which IS vulnerable, contains: heart, mind, intelligence, thoughts, feelings, emotions, will, human-spirit {courage, intensity, etc.}, imagination and conscience.] The best defense is 2Corinthians 10:5-b "Hold EVERY thought captive and make it obedient to Christ", like putting an editor in your head, checking out everything before the thought continues to fantasy, or becomes a word or action that you can't take back. It's one of the main operational verses for a real Christian's spiritual growth, and with the practice of a few second's restraint, lets you also obey James 1:19 naturally !

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