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There's no such thing as job security!
Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania, and my fiance' and I decided to take advantage of it. After an hour of driving the countryside, we decided to visit the cemetary where some of her family members were laid to rest. Upon arrival,...
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Taking Stock!


Taking Stock....

For many years I have used (an american system)

The Broad Concept!

1...Where are you Now?

2...Where would you like to be at some given time in the Future?

3...What are the options available to you?

4...What is the best option for you right Now?

Simplistic, at first glance, however when expanded this can lead to a whole new life plan and can also be used for any individual aspect of
your current circumstances.

e.g Are you out of work?

1. Detail on paper your current coircumstances. ( Writing it down focuses the mind!) Write down everything, financial, personal achievements to date, people you know, previous work undertaken and your views on that work,etc. Until you know where you are starting from how can you decide where you want to Go!

2. This can be seen as a general Goals section ..but slimmed down to 'getting back into work' could also be streamlined to items such as...what work would I really like to do. What extra qualification will I need. What is a reasonable timescale for gaining such qualifications.
What Income level am I looking for. Remember this section can be split into Long, Medium and Short term goals. ( Write it down!)

3. Again write down every option you can think of which will get you back inro work in any respect...looking at all options including
voluntary, part time, full time, government related assistance schemes and Odd-jobbing. At this stage do not discount anything, even
putting your name about to cut grass or baby sit in your local area!

4. Ok Time for a game plan...looking at everything you have written ...what is the best option for you Right Now! If you have some capital you may be able to go for the extra qualification route and supplement your income with oddjobs or part-time work. Evening
classes may be a way forward as well as full time working. Voluntary work will probably lead to greater networking opportunities. What ever you decide to do...ACTION is required!
Don't just Talk the Talk......Walk the Walk.

I know ...I've been there ...a two year distance learning course changed my life around, gave me a focus and let me live a life that I could not have envisaged before.

Take the Broad Concept and mold it to your personal needs and use it as a tool whenever you need to.


About the Author

I am a retired Business entrepreneur seeking to assist people to aspire to their greatest goals in life. Amongst other things I am a proud Partner of ...


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