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The Internet & Education: One Mom's Perspective
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Successful Management Starts With You


It always starts with you!

Yes, it does start with you. You are the boss, manager, or owner, and thus you are most responsible person in this business. Good new is that by just reading this book, you have started to take action and responsibility in the right direction.

Remember, everything is your fault. Once you accept that fact everything gets a bit easier. You see, now you know where you stand and thus where else stands also. This should empower you to take charge of your workplace. Take a second and ask yourself a simple question.

Why shouldn’t you take charge?

Tip: You will be held responsible no matter what just based on your position.

When I first started I had a stressed out manager. He would stay at his 6-8 hours after he finished his normal 8 hour shift.

As you can imagine that he was overworked. It started with him being a control freak and that he could not trust anyone in his staff. Yes, there were things wrong with the management staff, but all problems seem to have started with his lack of trusting his workers.

Sadly, he lacked the leadership and confidence skills to do his job properly. It was an avalanche effect that just snowballed our store from the top down. His failures lead to him being FIRED.
It took the new manager of 6 months to get the staff to trust her and almost a year of hard work to dig the store out of the finical and moral pit it came from.

There is a ton to learn from this story, but just realize that this could happen to anyone in a managerial position. That position was meant for you to take charge. My old manager did not and he was fired for it. No one else was fired, and most of that managerial staff have successful stores just a year and half later.

It’s alright if you don’t have the confidence or leadership skill right now. I have designed this book to work with all general situations.

Why not make your position work for you?

I can’t answer that last question for you. Only you can answer that.

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Adam is the writer and CEO of

He has trained and inspired hundreds toward their goals.

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