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Homework Doesn’t Have to Be a Battle of Wills
Homework. It doesn’t have to be a daily battle of wills between child and parent. There are several strategies and elements that a parent can use to maximize an opportunity to support a child’s education and to massage the parent/child bond. For the...
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Software for Organizing and Automating Students


The student writing at the university level is typically a four-phase cycle, A professor issues a set of instructions for a writing assignment, A student constructs a document, The professor reviews and comments upon the document and The professor returns the document to the student. This writing workflow is computerized, That is, most university students write their many required reports on word processors. Then they convert the reports to paper so that a professor can read them and provide feedback in the form of scribbled marginal and interlinear comments.

StudyEdge is the first suite of fully-integrated programs for automating the job of being a college student. The program is a powerful and easy to use software suite specifically designed to make all study tasks easier, less time consuming, and help students get better grades with less work.

Among other features StudyEdge will allow students to manage their schedules, organize all aspects of their student life, outline and structure writing assignments, format references and bibliographies, organize and reuse information from lecture notes and create flash cards to share with friends.

StudyEdge is the most productive way to organize, automate and manage all tasks students are required to complete. Whether taking notes, writing a paper, studying for an exam, or scheduling conflicting priorities, StudyEdge will help make any college student more productive.

Designed to automate student work flow, StudyEdge is an integrated set of high performance software tools packaged in an easily downloadable desktop application. StudyEdge allows students to effectively leverage technology, requiring less effort for higher achievement.

StudyEdge key features:

Powerful writing tools for faster completion of all types of writing assignments; Academic Outliner for planning, structuring, referencing and completing writing assignments; Automated notes and data collection methods through integration with pen scanners; Notes and data organization (for reuse in study aids, writing assignments and future reference); Reference manager that automatically collects and formats references in APA or MLA styles; Comprehensive word processor, which automatically builds and formats bibliographies; Information management system to aid collection, organization, retention and reuse of facts; Organization center and academic calendar for scheduling and managing semesters, classes, assignments, notes and all aspects of your busy schedule; Flash Card program and wizards for automatic creation of study aids and easy test preparation; Extensive right-click menu seamlessly links all programs.

This piece of software is available at www.studyedge.com , Additional discount of $5.00 is offered and the promo code is: sesem
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Doug Wille is the founder of http://www.ritewriter.com focusing on the Writing, resources and articles. This site provides detailed information on StudyEdge. For more info visit his site: StudyEdge


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