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Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy
Holistic Junction is proud to exhibit Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy as the featured school of the week. Located in Historic - Quakertown, Pennsylvania ; Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy is accredited by the International...
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Quick Tip: Write an Interview Thank You Letter


You’ve had your interview and it went well. Now what do you do to make a lasting impression on your interviewer?

Send them an interview thank you letter.

While writing thank you letters isn’t required (most people don’t send them), it’s very smart, as well as, courteous, to write post interview thank you letters and send them to all your interviewers.

In today’s highly competitive job market your thank you letter will signal that you are professional, courteous and that you really appreciate the employer taking the time to interview you.

Online you can find free thank you letters, or sample interview thank you letters. Use these examples of thank you letters to create your own glowing words of appreciation. No matter how busy the prospective employer is, it’s always nice to receive a genuine “thank you.”

Make a habit of sending out job interview thank you letters and see how quickly you find yourself in the pool of top candidates.

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