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Five Things To Do When You Work For A Jerk


Do you work for a jerk? Okay, I know it’s just a hypothetical question, because we all know that if someone is a manager they have all the skills in leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence necessary to be effective in their role. Right? NOT!

There may be great leaders and managers in the corner office where you work, but many people actually do work for a jerk or something worse. Unfortunately, those who do work for a jerk often wonder what to do about it.

When you’d rather not run the boss over with your car, put leadership seminar brochures on his or her desk, or call in sick Monday through Friday, consider these concepts:

1. Your manager has marching orders delivered by the jerk above him. That stuff really does roll down hill. Have empathy.

2. Your manager is human too. Fear, family problems, stress and performance issues are not only your concerns. Show compassion.

3. Ask yourself if you’d be a jerk if you were your boss. Is your performance or behavior creating problems? Do what you can to improve yourself first.

4. Your manager may be a fish out of water. Most people are promoted because they are good technicians or the best producers, not because they are good leaders. Practice tolerance and patience.

5. Your manager may lack the leadership, communication and emotional intelligence skills necessary to be effective. You can’t change that, but you can choose to do your job well.

You can change how you see things and how you react. However, in some work situations it may take more than that. In that case, a change in where you work may be in order. If so, put together a plan and move on.

Life is too short to work for a jerk. You have options. First, in how you see it and react, and secondly in what you are going to do about it.

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