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Culinary Arts School


I sometimes wonder why many people have the love for culinary arts. It seems everybody loves food and want to carve a career out of their love. Is it easy? Well, the answer is tough.

A couple of months back I met a friend who is a software developer. He was bored with his job and wanted a career change. When asked he told me he was looking for a good culinary arts school to study culinary arts - he wanted to be a culinary artist. What amazed me was that this friend of mine is over 35 years of age.

For most people a career in culinary is very glamorous, high paying and no work job. Its WRONG!!! These are some of the reasons why many men and women are willing to change their careers even if they are at a middle of one. That farther explains why we see many older people attending classes at culinary arts schools.

Are they right? First there isn't any glamour in a chef's life. Ask him and he will reply the same. Second they are one of the busiest professionals in the world. However there is one thing to contend with, they are paid well and have quite a good lifestyle.

So if you are food lover, and love to cook - and are ready to work 8-10 hours a day, hospitality keeps you satisfied and ambience of hotels/restaurants is what you want - head for a good culinary arts school - you should consider becoming a chef.

Wait - there is more. Restaurant-industry employment will reach 13.3 million by 2012. At present the restaurant industry is the nation's largest employer outside of the government. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the restaurant industry's growth will be 30 per cent over the next two years.

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Culinary Artist - Specializes in French & Thai Cuisine
Date Posted : 14 - Feb - 2005
Website : http://www.best-cooking-school-culinary-arts-schools-classes.com


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