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Creating Within Limits
When I first started playing the piano I wanted to learn how to compose. The idea that I could create something tangible really appealed to me. So much so that I read everything I could get my hands on to learn the great art of musical...
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Cause and Effect Essay


Writing a cause and effect essay may require more advanced skills from the writer than narrative or descriptive essays. The writer has to demonstrate his ability to give clear presentation of the factual material. Careful selection of sources is also very critical, as statement of the personal point of view is frequently inapplicable for the cause and effect essay. It is necessary to avoid using the first person, as such a transition to narrative style of writing sounds weak - it may seem that the writer is trying to justify his own point of view. It is possible to convince readers to accept the cause/effect as plausible only by using the persuasive professional writing with utilization of appropriate carefully selected sources.

First paragraphs of the cause and effect essay should bring the reader up to date with the discussed phenomenon or trend. The writer, therefore, should provide the detailed information arranged in a professional writing style and having thorough background. In some cases, it may be necessary to prove the existence of a trend before discussing the cause and effect.

The following paragraphs should contain convincing arguments supported by the adequate source material. A professional writer should anticipate the possibility of reader's objection in advance, and try to find some persuasive arguments to make his own ideas at least as plausible as those of a reader.

It is ultimately important to maintain a professional and reasonable voice within the entire body of the cause and effect essay. This includes avoidance of insulting or absolutist expressions. Such phrases as
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